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What Others Are Saying

"Your ministry burns the Word of God deep into hearts and minds. Thank you."

Pastor Tex Newman


A comment regarding Alabaster's "Somewhere Under Your Face Mask" video:

" was a winner with all my kids! David watched it twice! I knew they'd love the tune. And the words just made them laugh. Haley wants to imitate it for the Spanish church!"

Good News Club Leader, Phx., AZ

So much fun! My kids really enjoyed the show, too.

Nola Priest


Their message is truth and fun! These puppets are "ALIVE."

Jan Walton


"My son asked what I was looking forward to at family camp this year. I told him, "Hank & Gladys!"

Pastor at Shiloh Bible Camp


"Loved the puppets this morning! Is the beaver coming this week? Of course, the SHEEP is coming, right??

VBS worker


"That show was wonderful! When I watched the puppets, I almost cried!"

Resident at care facility


"The residents talked about the puppets after the fact, even the next day! That doesn't happen often!"

Staff at memory care facility


"What a blessing it is to watch you use your gifts with our kids. You are appreciated."

Crosspoint Elementary staff


"We loved what you did. That was FUN!"

Betty, nursing home resident


"I want to be one of God's flock."

- 12 year old camper

"I think you guys did a great job with your puppets at VBS! Every one of them was my favorite!"

- 5 year old VBS attender

"The sheep analogies follow Scripture so perfectly and I love being in the same flock and fold."

-Barbara Laxson

"I love that Jesus said, "I am the Good Shepherd, and the sheep know My voice", and that I am one of the sheep."

-Marie Lennen

"Thanks again for sharing your amazing hearts and time with our little community! We were all so blessed by the puppet show and the joy of getting to know you and your story."
Jennifer A.
Children's Director
Harborview Fellowship
Gig Harbor, WA

"We are blessed to have known Larry & Vonnie Pratt for many years and are pleased that they are willing to come to our family events with their puppet ministry. Using their musical talent and wonderful creativity, Country Lovin’ Puppets presents a tender approach to deliver a powerful message. Their program is fun for all ages! Can’t wait to have them back!"


Sherry Wallmark, Owner,

Roze-El Stables

 "It was wonderful to work with you and the puppets again this year at Shiloh Bible Camp.  I am always surprised and delighted at the way you work the camp, the leaders and the speaker into the dialogue with one of the puppets and Mr. “Splat or Sprat, or whoever.”  Those routines make the presentation very real and personal which makes the overall Biblical message come close to home for the audience.  A look around will find the entire audience glued to the action.  The only distraction I personally find is watching the children enjoy the show and they really do.  May God richly bless you as you and The Country Lovin’ Puppets as you continue in ministry."

-Tex and Mary Newman

"From beginning to the end, Vonnie, Larry and their lovable puppets captivated the attention and hearts of their audience.  In our group we had a wide variety of ages from baby to grandparent and it was fun to see everyone laughing, smiling and singing along.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and ministry with others." 

-Annie B.

Tot Village Co-Op